online|Phone consulting

 Many of Dr. Bonnie’s clients seek her consulting services online from remote worldwide locations.  

Services such as Constituitional Homeopathy, Naturopathic Integrative Medicine and Cancer Support Programs

 are offered via phone, online (Skype) and email.


 $150  per hour

 For all Online / Phone / Email Consultations. 

Homeopathic Consulting


  •  Behind every illness is a core issue that can be buried deep within oneself. A thorough Homeopathic interview can result in uncovering these issues which can attribute to mental, emotional and physical imbalances.
  • All ages can benefit from the ‘Power of Homeopathy’ to help you regain optimal health and well being. The basic philosophy of Homeopathy is the ‘Law of Similars’ meaning that by finding the one homeopathic remedy that mimics all your symptoms, we can bring about a curative state.
  • My services are available both in-office and online. For detailed information about in-office services, please visit the main Services page.

Supportive Cancer Care


  • There are many paths to choose from in the treatment of cancer.  The importance of each individuals right to choose their path according to their own inner convictions is critical.  I have been supporting and educating cancer patients  in my practice for many years.  Both completely alternatively and also complementary to traditional medical therapies.
  • I am trained and offer expertise in individualized Nutritional, Herbal and Homeopathic Cancer Support Programs.  Please contact me to discuss a customized program for you or your loved one.