Accepted payments are cash, personal checks,  MasterCard and Visa.
All fees are payable at time of service.  4% Hawiian general excise tax is additional.
  • Adult Office Visit: $110 / hour
  • Pediatric & Well Baby Office Visit: $65 / hour
  • Adolescent Office Visit: $85 / hour
  • Phone / Skype Consultations: $150 / up to 1 hour
  • Lab Costs: Billed to Patient from Lab/Separate Fee
  • Classical Homeopathy: $150 / hour
  • Individual Cancer Support Programs:In Office or Remote
    • $350 for initial consultation and set-up fee (which includes the first month of guidance and support)
  • Color Aroma with Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing:  By Donation Only
  • Bi-Annual Breast & Upperbody Thermography Clinics: $265
  • Birth Trauma Healing Session: $150

Insurance Reimbursement

  • Under the 2014 Affordable Care Act, most insurances are covering Naturopathic office visits.  It is dependent on the type of Insurance Policy you have.
  • Please check with your Insurance Company for confirmation.
  • State funded Insurance Policies are not covered for Naturopathic Health Care.
  • Full payment is made for office visits and an insurance receipt is given to you to send into your insurance company for reimbursement.